Saturday March 21 2015  - 313 to the 312 Choreography Expo

313 to the 312 Choreography Expo | March 21, 8:00 pm

313 to the 312 Choreography Expo

Music Hall celebrates the ingenuity of choreography with the study of the creative back and forth between Detroit and other dance capitals around the country with its 2nd annual “Choreography Expo.”

The profound influence that Detroit dance has on the New York scene was revealed last year and this year Music Hall will be the venue of collaborations from Chicago. The evening features new Detroit choreographers and innovative companies from Chicago. The work of 9 specially chosen choreographers and their dancers will take the stage for one night (only) followed by master classes the next day. 3 companies from Chicago and 6 companies from Detroit will share the stage for a sizzling night of new dance work and pay homage to the co-founder of The Joffrey Ballet, Gerald Arpino and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the DDC (Detroit Dance Collective).


Joffrey Ballet Concert Group ¦Ron De Jesus ¦ The Cambrains ¦Biba Bell ¦DDCdances |Eisenhower Dance ¦Hardcore Detroit ¦ LaMarre & Dancers ¦Brian Strimpel ¦Northville Ballet Theatre


Master Classes taught by: Ron DeJesus ¦ Davis Robertson ¦Benjamin Holliday Wardell

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