Complexions Contemporary Ballet

New York City-based company of incredibly trained dancers!
  • Jun 18, 2016
  • 8:00 Jun, 18
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Founders Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden, along with their New York City-based company of dance thoroughbreds--there are roughly twenty incredibly trained classical and contemporary dancers in the company, but guest artists swell the ranks as needed--have awakened audiences to a new, exciting genre that combines the best of athleticism, lyricism, and technical training and experience.

)  Complexions Contemporary Ballet interprets two incomparable Rock Music innovators who both transcended the limits of Rock And Roll music:  Artistic Directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson juxtapose the dramatic and ever evolving work of David Bowie and the primal aggressive and majestic Heavy Metal of the biggest hard rock band on the planet, Metallica, in an evening which pushes the limits of both dance and musical genres while expressing the human form and movement into uncharted territories, combining three unique and genre defying entities, Bowie, Metallica and Complexions .


This World Premiere of a new ballet pays tribute to the genre and gender bending innovation of one of the truly prolific Rock Stars of our time - David Bowie.  With Bowie’s 40+ year career and 25 Albums - that stretch across musical borders -ranging from Glam Rock, Soul, Dance Pop, Punk, and Electronica - this new ballet is an homage to the truly iconic Chameleon that influenced many generations.  This new work takes an array of his hits over these 4 decades and lays a visual imprint of his - style, character, intensity, androgyny and his restless invention as an artist and creates a Rock Opera style production in his honor.  The ballet takes the rebel spirit and creates an environment with a deft theatricality shaded with a luminous palette - that chronicles the heart of each song through dance wrought with emotion.  The ballet will play from section to section like a rich tapestry that shows Bowie’s ability to conquer virtually any musical notion with ease.  Conveyed with a loose narrative and a movement vocabulary that uses Contemporary Ballet, popular dance vernaculars, his singular idiosyncrasies and Inspirations from Bowie’s many personas, this premiere sets out to deliver a smooth, high voltage romp to highlight his truly original legacy.


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