to Music Hall Detroit

The Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts is a 1,731-seat theatre located in the city's entertainment district at 350 Madison Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. It was built in 1928 as the Wilson Theatre, designated a Michigan State Historic Site in 1976, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. The Music Hall Center is also home to the 100 seat Jazz Cafe and the 3 Fifty Terrace on the rooftop.

From the desk of Vince PauL:



We are excited to bring you a brand new year of performances sourced from around the globe! It's our mission to include everyone, so we bring it -- for music fans, dance lovers, theatre enthusiasts and of course, the 18-and-under set, whose ideas and imaginations are our future. 


We kick it off this month with a bunch of great shows in the (warm & cozy) Jazz Cafe...starting off with the Motown 2 Memphis pre-launch event on the 2nd - all about connecting with local talent and creating opportunity for it to shine. And then more local talent on the 9th (notice a theme?) from the Detroit acoustic duo Lac La Belle, making waves around the world but drawing deeply from their roots. 

Everyone needs a bunch of belly laughs in January, so pop in on the 11th for some real Detroit humor - and you know they just don't make it like this anywhere else.


Heating waaaaaay up on the 23rd & 24th when the Latin Jazz All-Stars will transport us to a tropical beach  - just close your eyes for a minute, and you'll feel it. Watch for a dinner package special on that one featuring the Cafe's great new menu!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a must-see for developing minds on the 25th, and you know our $50 Family 4-Packs are an unbeatable deal for getting everyone out of the house. 


Big thanks to the Michigan Council for the Arts & Cultural Affairs for their support of an important project: renovation of our historic canopy! Keep an eye on this as it gets a total makeover and returns the glamour of Music Hall's opening days to the front entrance. 


As always, "I'll see you downtown"